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Inspex Explorer

Monitoring with Inspex Explorer All-in-one Blockchain Security Platform


What is Inspex Explorer?

Introducing Inspex Explorer Platform, the comprehensive blockchain and smart contract threat intelligence and incident response platform. As of now, Inspex Explorer is composed of four powerful products that work together to provide comprehensive security for DeFi projects: Inspex Library, Inspex Radar, Inspex Beacon, and Inspex Lighthouse.


Audit Result Dashboard

Inspex Library

Inspex Library is an audit dashboard that provides users with a list of all projects that have been audited by Inspex. This allows users to go through the project list to find the information they need.
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Security Monitoring Dashboard

Inspex Lighthouse

Security Monitoring Dashboard that gives information to users in order to do the investigation of DApps' security incidents
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Blockchain Security Monitoring Stack

Inspex Security Solution is covering the whole Software Development Life Cycle

Security Intelligence

Inspex Radar

Security Intelligence that helps users in gathering related information on DApps in both on-chain and off-chain source
Security Incident Notification

Inspex Beacon

Security Incident Notification that provides users a real-time notification which allows them to be able to respond quickly to DApps
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