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Inspex Lighthouse

Security Monitoring Dashboard that gives information to users in order to do the investigation of DApps' security incidents


Safeguard your business

Lighthouse Features

Summarize Dashboard

Dashboard presents you with a clear and comprehensive view of incidents on the blockchain, allowing you to easily discover, track and anticipate potential issues.

Detect and prevent potential losses

Peace of mind and protecting investments in decentralized application.

Control Event and Notification

Setting up notifications for blockchain events is a convenient and effective way to stay informed and make the most of your blockchain investments.

Industry's leading experts

Our experienced team of security experts reviews and tests the code to ensure that the smart contract is secure and functions as intended.

Security Monitoring

Protect your project from vulnerabilities and show users your focus on security

Incident Notification

Issue a Report

Incident Response Plan

Launch App

Blockchain Security Monitoring Stack

Inspex Security Solution is covering the whole Software Development Life Cycle

Security Intelligence

Inspex Radar

Security Intelligence that helps users in gathering related information on DApps in both on-chain and off-chain source
Security Incident Notification

Inspex Beacon

Security Incident Notification that provides users a real-time notification which allows them to be able to respond quickly to DApps
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