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Provide consultation from the design to the development phase of decentralized applications, resolving both technical and business issues with professional support along the product development life cycle, maximizing the security level of smart contracts to protect our clients and their users

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Why Decentralized Application Security Consulting?

Efficient Development
We can help streamline the development process by identifying potential issues early on, saving valuable time and resources.
Enhanced Security
Our team provides expert guidance to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities, maximizing the safety and security of the decentralized application.
Regulatory Compliance
We keep abreast of current regulations and compliance requirements, ensuring that clients are fully compliant with industry standards and regulations.

The Steps of

Decentralized Application Security Consulting Process?

Inspex Security Solution is covering the whole Software Development Life Cycle

Security Requirements Refining Helps the project team refining the security requirements, adjust them to suit the client’s business goal while maintaining importance on the security aspects.
Secure Architecture Design Consulting Provide consultations on designing secure DApp architecture, structuring of the front-end website, back-end server, infrastructure, and the smart contracts, eliminating the security issues from design flaws.
Secure Development Consulting Provide consultations on secure software development, implementing security controls, and suggestions on development best practices to secure the application.
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