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Comprehensive and specialized security assessment service for decentralized applications that covers Smart Contracts, Front-End Websites/Applications, and incorporates the latest knowledge in the decentralized technology domain. Our End-to-End DApp Security Assessment is a one-stop solution that ensures the highest level of security for your decentralized application.


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Why End-to-End DApp Security Assessment?

Enhanced Security
Our assessment is designed to identify security weaknesses and provide you with actionable insights to enhance the security of your DApp.
Latest Knowledge
Our team stays up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in the decentralized technology domain to ensure that our assessments incorporate the latest knowledge.
Comprehensive Coverage
Our service covers Smart Contracts and Front-End Websites/Applications to ensure that your entire DApp is secure from end to end.

The Steps of

End-to-End Process?

Inspex Security Solution is covering the whole Software Development Life Cycle

Smart Contract Audit
Perform detailed audit on the smart contracts using automated tools and manual assessment by a team of professional security specialists
Website Security Assessment
Dynamically testing on the website interface that the users can use to interact with the smart contracts and the servers.
Infrastructure Security Assessment
Scanning and manually testing on the exposed interfaces of the server and infrastructure used to run the decentralized application.
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