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DApps Platform

Design & Development Phase
Decentralized Application Security Consulting

Provide consultation from design to development of decentralized applications, resolving both technical and business issues with professional support.

Testing & Production Phase
Smart Contract Audit

Analyze decentralized application's smart contracts and the overall operation with static code analysis, dynamic analysis

Testing & Production Phase
End-to-End DApp Security Assessment

One-stop service for decentralized application security covering Smart Contract, Front-End Website/Application with updated knowledge on the decentralized world



Digital Assets Investment Security Consulting

Provide consultation to investment funds and high-net-worth individuals on the security of DeFi projects and earning opportunities in the blockchain ecosystem.

About Us

Founded in 2021, Inspex is formed by a team of cybersecurity experts highly experienced in various fields of cybersecurity. We provide blockchain and smart contract professional services and solutions at the highest quality to enhance the security of the wide-range blockchain ecosystem. Providing services across 10 countries around the world including Thailand, Vietnam, China, Philippines, The United States, The United Kingdom, Taiwan, Canada and The Netherlands

The way we work

Inspex Audit Framework

Build up understanding of the overall operations of the related smart contracts.
Improve and create positive change in the decentralized application for a decent outcome
Preliminary Report
Perform both functional and non-functional tests to confirm the quality of the decentralized application.
Deploy the decentralized application while maintaining its availability, dependability, and security
Final Report
Deploy the decentralized application while maintaining its availability, dependability, and security

Our Products

Inspex Explorer

Inspex Security Solution is covering the whole Software Development Life Cycle

Security Incident Notification that provides users a real-time notification which allows them to be able to respond quickly to DApps
Security Intelligence that helps users in gathering related information on DApps in both on-chain and off-chain source
Security Monitoring Dashboard that gives information to users in order to do the investigation of DApps’ security incidents
Library is an Audit Result Dashboard that shows a comprehensive overview of data from different projects and allows users to see the reports and audit results

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